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MSC, Port of Valencia test IoT network

A pilot project from big data and fleet management specialist is being conducted, aimed at providing better overview of traffic. The project is a collaboration of Traxens with the MSC Terminal Valencia, the Port Authority at the Port of Valencia and Fundacion Valenciaport using the IoT project.

Digitalising the Entire Maritime Certification Ecosystem

While the entire maritime industry is gradually shifting towards the digital era, with fully autonomous ships lurking just around the corner, the maritime certification process has remained unchanged. Safebridge took it upon itself to tackle this problem and see what can be done to take the certification ecosystem one step further into the future.

Vopak tests drones for safer inspection

Vopak announced that it is testing the use of drones and robots, in order to ensure safer inspection and digital vessel clearance tool for better clearance process.  Among others the testing includes drone inspection and jetty inspection using an underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV).

Navis: Trends for shipping industry in 2019

Navis expects that the biggest trends that will characterize the industry over the next year will include increased IT spending, more collaboration and data standardization, trade wars, smart containers, automation productivity gains, and improved carrier capacity management and environmental efficiencies.

Automation has challenges but could benefit ports, study says

The future of automated ports is thoroughly examined by a recent study by McKinsey & Company consulting. The study suggest that the port sector is underdeveloped regarding automation, in comparison other industries. The sector could consequently benefit from automation if it deal with the challenges with careful planning and implementation.

Inmarsat: Innovative digital solutions can increase transparency

Mr. Alberto Perez, Inmarsat Maritime, notes that the maritime industry has realized the benefits of digitalization. Among many, digital technologies offer transparency which is very important; In this regard, Mr. Perez cites the example of Inmarsat’s Fleet Data which can virtually connect to any sensor, giving full transparency on bills as connectivity costs are included in the service.

Steps towards shipping “Go Digital”

Despite facing several challenges, commercial ships are becoming more and more connected, but also the workforce onboard them are being digital natives potentially trained on new technologies. This article is an overview of the shift from manual to digital systems and processes, a shift into … systems, driven by the aforesaid challenges.

New project eyes world’s first digital shipping company in 2019

Israel-based IoT solutions provider Loginno unveiled a plan to form the world’s first digital shipping company. Under its initiative ‘Contopia Factor’, the startup will select one organization to have its entire container fleet digitalized in 2019.

Port of Amsterdam trials monitoring system to explore drones

The Port of Amsterdam is set to conduct a four-week drone detection system trial, aimed to build understanding of how, where and why drones are flying over the Port of Amsterdam, as well as to monitor the potential of drones for numerous use applications across its, and its customers’ operations. 


Is Polar Code enough to ensure safety & environmental protection of seafarers, passengers and Arctic people?

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Alerts Casualties Loss Prevention Maritime Health Regulation Safety Seafarers Security
IBIA defines the new regulatory BDN to be launched in 2019
Libya: Ships and crews at risk if suspected of oil smuggling
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New Zealand: Four recreational boating fatalities so far in 2018
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REMPEC addresses ship-source air pollution in the Mediterranean
IBIA defines the new regulatory BDN to be launched in 2019
Libya: Ships and crews at risk if suspected of oil smuggling
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Best practices to manage cyber risk
Toyota to invest in autonomous shipping project
Partners test new technology for monitoring emissions
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Ship denied access to Paris MoU region for 3 months
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Shipyard labor contractors fined for employment discrimination
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US court fines Navimax for discharging oily waste at sea
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Year in Review: Top shipping stories to remember from 2018
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Equasis: The world merchant fleet in 2017
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Port of Amsterdam to accommodate new plastics recycling plant
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Woodmac: 5 possible risks and uncertainties for 2019
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New Zealand: Four recreational boating fatalities so far in 2018
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IEA: Coal demand will remain stable through 2023
Challenges in the healthcare for crew members
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Sharing the burden of greening: An innovative financial approach
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2020 compliant fuel challenges
Shipping of liquefiable bulk cargoes: lessons from real-life incidents