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New software developed to detect combustion chamber issues

NYK by combining photo data with operational data from the ship information management system, as well as engine data from an electronic checklist, developed the software to diagnose internal chamber conditions. NYK has also developed a smaller version of Kirari NINJA, which photographs smaller cylinders.

MOL, partners launch smart ship control project

Japanese MOL announced that it has joined forces with Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Weathernews Inc. to launch the Fleet Optimal Control Unified System (FOCUS), a project that will gather and apply ship operation data to ensure safer, more environmentally friendly ocean transport.

New software launched for IMO DCS compliance

ClassNK released the ‘ClassNK MRV Portal IMO DCS’, a software for reporting, monitoring and verifying shipping CO2 emissions according to the IMO DCS regulations that will come into effect in 2019. ClassNK MRV Portal was first released in 2017 and has now been updated to support IMO DCS compliance.

MOL to install voyage information display system with AR on VLCC

MOL plans to launch the experimental use of a system that supports ship operation during voyages using augmented reality technology on a very large crude carrier subsequently to car carrier. The system will be showing information such as other ships sailing around the vessel and landmarks like buoys.

AIDAprima, AIDAperla receive software for engine maintenance

Zeppelin Power Systems announced that it has extended its agreements for AIDAprima and AIDAperla. The cruise ships’ engines will now include the software ‘Cat Asset Intelligence’. This software analyzes the operating parameters and enables a service support.

IACS: Efficient control of software dependent systems

IACS published 9 of its 12 recommendations on cyber safety, in order to facilitate the delivery of cyber resilient ships, in order to maintain their resilient throughout their working lives. The first report recommended procedures for software maintenance of shipboard equipment and systems. The second one focuses on control of software dependent systems.

IACS: How to conduct proper software maintenance

IACS published 9 of its 12 recommendations on cyber safety, in order to enable the delivery of cyber resilient ships whose resilience can be maintained throughout their working lives. The first report recommends procedures for software maintenance of shipboard equipment and systems.

NYK introduces new ship-bridge concept to reduce casualties

Japanese shipping company NYK has completed a new concept for a ship’s bridge and employed it on a large container ship. The space and nautical instruments on this new bridge have been designed to take advantage of IoT aspects of instruments and to improve the safety and efficiency of vessel operation.

Wärtsilä wins order for world’s first ships running on LPG

Wärtsilä will provide an integrated cargo handling and fuel gas system for two new gas carrier vessels for Exmar. The ships will transport LPG and will be the first vessels capable of running on LPG. The Wärtsilä equipment is expected to be delivered during mid-2019, and the vessels are planned to be delivered during the end 2020.

Stena Line to test AI technology onboard ship

Stena Line announced that it will conduct a pilot study in which artificial intelligence will be implemented on board. The new AI technology will be added onboard ‘Stena Scandinavica’. The model will present the most fuel efficient way of operating a vessel on a particular route.


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