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10 Tips for safe personal data handling

The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy. Ahead of the GDPR that is about to come into effect, the Swedish Club advises operators on how to try and reduce the risk of a breach.

Denmark’s cyber security strategy to improve shipping

The Danish government presented 25 initiatives for a new cyber security strategy, which amongst others, will improve maritime navigation. Denmark will allocate NOK 1 billion for the strategy, a development welcomed by shipping firms. In addition, energy, transport, telecommunications, finance and health are included in the strategy.

Watch: Tips to mitigate cyber threat

As part of the North P&I Club’s insight series, Colin Gillespie, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention), highlights key issues with respect to cyber risk management in the maritime and notes the importance of having the right protocols in place to counter cyber threats.

Internet of Things: What it is and how to secure it

The short film by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology provides an insight into the world of IoT and discusses key cyber security concerns around it, as well as ways to secure our lives into this digital future. IoT is considered as one of the key digital trends to bring a positive disruption in shipping over the next years.

Maritime cyber reporting sees progress

The pilot phase of the Maritime Cyber Alliance, a joint project between Airbus, CSO Alliance and the organisation’s technology partner, Wididi, is already bearing fruit, as it has already received the first anonymous, verified cyber breach report from a vessel at sea.

Business Continuity: Steps towards recovery from cyber risk

The continuous operations of an organization is an important procedure which comes to support the contingency planning, response and recovery from an incident which affects the proper flow of operations. In other words, business continuity reflects the alternative way that the organization will use to keep its key business activities on-going after an adverse event, such as a cyber attack. 

Nigerian hackers target shipping companies globally

A criminal gang in Nigeria targeting the global maritime industry has been running multiple “business email compromise” scams for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The group calling themselves “Gold Galleon” have been sending messages to infiltrate payments within shipping companies over the last year.

EU cyber security project achieves ambitious industry goals

The EU research project MITIGATE has been completed and the ambitious goal of designing, developing and implementing a risk assessment and management system for the maritime transport chain in 30 months has been accomplished, according to Be Cyber Aware at Sea campaign.

Cyber security library for shipping: Everything you need to know

Cyber security threats are not only increased, but they are becoming a part of maritime daily business. Therefore, it is important all industry’s stakeholders to understand the threat landscape, consider the given guidelines and comply with the upcoming legislation in order to be fully prepared to address the associated challenges.


’Unmanned and autonomous vessels are quickly becoming a reality. Do you think that seafarers will be able to trust an autonomous system?

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