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Clarifications about Lloyd’s Open Form and Side Agreements

In certain circumstances in a salvage situation, Members (and their Hull insurers) may choose to vary the standard LOF and/or SCOPIC terms by entering into so-called “side agreements” or “side letters” with a salvor. Altering the terms of a standard LOF and SCOPIC in this way may cause a change in contractual liabilities and risk allocation.

USCG: Activating a Vessel Response Plan

USCG issued a bulletin providing clarifications on activation of a vessel response plan and when and how deviation from listed response resources may occur. Failure to activate a plan quickly or failure to use pre-contracted resources can result in delayed response and exacerbate potential environmental damages, USCG warned.

ISO 45001:2018 health and safety standard approved

The new occupational health and safety standard, ISO 45001, has been approved following a final vote of 93% by the ISO member National Standard Bodies. According to ISO Technical Director, Jose Alcorta, publication is anticipated in March 2018.

IMCA launches personal resilience awareness programme

Members of the International Marine Contractors Association joined forces to develop the IMCA Resilience Awareness Programme addressing those working in the marine contracting industry, highlighting that the capability of an organisation to adjust to current industry challenges is largely dictated by the resilience of its people.

US Navy, NASA complete space module recovery test

US Navy’s amphibious transport dock USS Anchorage successfully completed test recovery operations of NASA’s Orion test article, on Jan. 23. A part of a US government effort to safely retrieve the Orion crew module, which is capable of carrying humans into deep space. 

US, Russia propose ship traffic measures in Bering Strait

In response to increased Arctic shipping traffic, the United States and Russian Federation have proposed to IMO a system of two-way routes for vessels to follow in the Bering Strait and Bering Sea, aiming to reduce the potential for marine casualties and environmental disasters.

CHIRP discusses how conditions affect perception

CHIRP highlights the importance of human element during ship design and operating procedures, noting that, the matter of vision must be further addressed by the shipping industry, as it can be proven a crucial factor for the safe operation of a ship and the safety of seafarers in general.

IMO reviews SOLAS on safe mooring

A revised SOLAS regulation on safe mooring is expected to be finalised during IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction meeting this week, aiming to prevent accidents and injury when ships are secured at their berth in a port.

Alerts Casualties Loss Prevention Maritime Health Regulation Safety Seafarers Security
ferry collides with buoy
Ferry with 600 passengers collides with buoy off Japan
vessel sinks on mississippi river
Towing vessel sinks on Mississippi River
maersk fire
Fire erupts on another Maersk container ship
Arctic Ballast Emissions Fuels Green Shipping Pollution Ship Recycling Technology
first vlcc with scrubbers
First VLCC with scrubbers built
polar expedition cruise ship
China to get its first polar expedition cruise ship
new shipping routes in bering sea
New shipping routes in the Bering Sea and Bering Strait
Connectivity Cyber Security E-navigation Energy Efficiency Maritime Software Smart
russian cyber threats
7 steps an organization’s cyber security becomes at-risk
blockchain in shipping
Shipping cryptocurrency sees first transaction
blockchain in logistics
Blockchain to revolutionize ocean shipping
CIC Detentions PSC Focus Vetting
safety of navigation cic
Tokyo MoU presents preliminary results of Safety of Navigation CIC
requirements for vessels
Requirements for vessels calling in Australia, China, Europe & USA
ship refuge
Indian MoU issues preliminary results of Safety of Navigation CIC
CSR Shipping Sustainability
MedCruise: Bigger ships an important factor in cruise calls decline
panama canal
Panama Canal sings soybean and corn deal
Career Paths: Frank Coles, Transas
Finance Fishery Infographic Maritime Knowledge Offshore Ports Shipbuilding Short Sea Yachting
wartsila acquires transas
Wärtsilä acquires Transas
maersk product tankers
EU clears Maersk Product Tankers acquisition
saudi arabia shipyard
Construction starts at Saudi Arabia’s new maritime yard