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France accedes to fishing vessel safety treaty

In an effort to increase global fishing vessel safety, France became the ninth State to ratify IMO’s Cape Town Agreement. The treaty covers various important safety requirements including radiocommunications, life-saving appliances and arrangements, emergency procedures, musters and drills.

Canada to manage West Coast marine traffic congestion

As part of its $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan, the Government of Canada announced it is implementing an Interim Protocol for the use of Southern British Columbia Anchorages, starting from 8 February 2018, aiming to better manage West Coast marine traffic congestion.

USCG: Safety statistics for towing vessels

The USCG and the American Waterways Operators released the National Quality Steering Committee’s annual safety report, containing freight carrying towing industry data and measures for 1994-2016. The report looks at crew fatalities per 100,000 workers, gallons of oil spilled, and the number of towing vessel marine casualties.

6 guidelines for scrap metal carriage

In order to reduce the number of claims from the carriage of scrap metal the Cargo Incident Notification System published a set of guidelines to ensure that this type of cargo is properly packaged, declared and carried. Metal scrap is recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials.

Instructions for incident reporting

The Bahamas Maritime Authority Guidance and Instructions for Bahamian ships, regarding the incident reporting and investigations, whose purpose is to provide lessons learned for the future, as an unreported incident potentially decreases the possibility of improving safety.

Lessons learned from PSC at Isle of Man registered ships

The Isle of Man ship registry, issued a notice, whose purpose is to advise shipowners, operators, managers and Masters of Isle of Man registered ships of information in respect of Port State Control activities. The Ship Registry wishes informed that there were two particular inspection incidents where the deficiencies which were revealed

Guidelines for SAR plans onboard passenger ships

According to SOLAS, a passenger ship must have a plan on board for cooperation with the appropriate SAR services in event of an emergency. Rreview, updating, and auditing of the SAR cooperation plan should be conducted as part of the safety management system required by the ISM Code.

Ten skills to become an effective shiphandler

In its latest edition of The Navigator, the Nautical Institute and the Royal Institute of Navigation explore some basic principles of shiphandling and how an individual can gain experience and make the most of any opportunities to learn.

How to manage the human factor in a crisis

Reputations are not created by having the newest ships, the highest profits or even the best safety record; they’re defined by the human part of a company’s story and these are the stories that people remember. Dustin Eno of Navigate Response talks about the human factor in preventing reputation loss. 

New Code of Practice on safety and health management adopted

The new code wants to address the many changes in the industry, including the use of robotic systems, over the last 43 years since an earlier code was adopted by the ILO. It emphasizes on a preventive approach based on occupational safety and health (OSH) management systems, management of change and safe work plans.

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Requirements for vessels calling in Australia, China, Europe & USA
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