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Shipping losses decline by 38% in last 10 years, says Allianz

In its annual Safety and Shipping Review, Allianz revealed that 2017 saw the second lowest total of shipping losses over the past decade, with a decline of more than 38%, driven by improved ship design, technology and advances in risk management and safety, as well as recent lower shipping activity.

Online source to help with Subchapter M compliance

USCG informed that the TugSafe Lite has been expanded and retitled TugSafe Central. TugSafe Central is an online source for Subchapter M compliance requirements and guidance. However, TugSafe Central should not be used as a standalone source to determine compliance with Subchapter M. 

New approach assesses structure durability of aged ships

The Ship Structure Committee published a new report, called: ‘Structural Assessment of Aged Ships’. The aims of this report is to develop an assessment process to accurately predict how possible is a corrosion-degraded ship to survive in specific wave conditions.

New INTERCARGO project to address bulk carrier safe loading/unloading

INTERCARGO announced the introduction of a new project, from 1 August 2018, through a reporting scheme “INTERCARGO Bulk Carrier Reporting Form (II) – Safe Loading/Unloading at Anchorage”, in a bid to respond to the increasing issues related to safe loading/unloading at anchorage.

Tips to address the risks of icing on fishing vessel stability

On the aftermath of the sinking of the fishing vessel ‘Destination’ with loss of six crewmembers, the NTSB issued a safety alert highlighting how icing can dangerously degrade a vessel’s stability. The investigation showed that the vessel likely capsized at night in rough seas and gale force winds due to topside ice accumulation.

Reducing the risk of flooding on fishing vessels

In its fishing vessel safety guide released earlier this week, the Shipowners Club provides safety tips for fishers to reduce the risk of flooding, one of the most common dangers for commercial fishing. As for the other threats, early detection of flooding is essential for a vessel to be saved.

HM Coastguard stresses need of kill cords for boating safety

The UK Coast Guard has issued kill cord safety advice, after two men were thrown from their speedboat in the afternoon hours of 12 July. The kill cord, as the name suggests, is designed to ‘kill’ a boat engine, in case the driver goes overboard. 

UK announces tougher penalties over laser misuse

The UK government informed of new laws coming into force as of 10 July 2018, introducing tough penalties for people who target marine and other vehicles with lasers. The Laser Misuse Act means that offenders will face much tougher penalties of up to 5 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

Port of Vancouver implements speed restriction in First Narrows

The Port of Vancouver announced that it will implement temporary and voluntary 15-knot speed restriction for tier 2 vessels in First Narrows Traffic Control Zone. The speed restriction will be in effect between July 6 and October 1, 2018. The voluntary 15-knot speed restriction aims to help keep port users safe.

How to ensure fire safety on fishing vessels

In its Fishing Vessel Safety guide released in conjunction with UK’s Maritime Safety Week, the Shipowners Club provides, among others, best practice advice on fishing vessels’ protection from fire. Fatalities on fishing vessels remain a real threat, making it one of the most dangerous jobs globally. 


Are the vessels’ crew members aware enough of the new requirements of STCW Convention?

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