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Maritime Health

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HRAS: How to remain resilient after a traumatic event

The Human Rights At Sea campaign published a guide for shippers, addressing the issue of handling and remaining resilient after traumatic events at sea, such as marine incidents. The campaign aims to urge shippers to ask for professional help when they feel they need it, highlighting that this does not imply any instability or weakness.

Simple steps to better health onboard

The Britannia P&I Club released its ‘Health Watch’ publication including illustrations with the aim to raise awareness about seafarers’ health. The Club deals with serious medical conditions and provides basic facts regarding the symptoms and causes of these, stressing that relatively small changes in lifestyle can have a significant positive impact on health.

Tackling obesity in seafarers

The UK P&I Club’s Crew Health team recently analysed data from 900+ crew medical examinations, where multiple illnesses were highlighted. Over 200 crewmembers failed their pre-sea medical examination, due to a combination of serious illnesses in addition to obesity.

Food vs fatigue on board

In this article, David Steele, Director of the Food Inspection Training, explains how food plays a huge part in a seafarer’s life on board and gives his advice on the proper meals for seafarers in order to avoid fatigue during duty.

Malaria prevention for seafarers

Under its “Seafarers’ Health Information Programme”, International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network issued a report on malaria prevention, as the disease causes at least 1 million deaths every year, the majority of which occur in resource-poor countries, such as Africa, south and central America, Asia and the middle east.

New maritime healthcare survey launched

Nautilus International announced that it has teamed up with Martek Marine to launch a survey calling on all seafarers to give their views on the accessibility and quality of medical assistance on board their vessels.

How to be protected against HIV when onboard

For seafarers, the likelihood of contracting an Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is increased, due to their unsettled lifestyles and a lack of access to necessary precautions. The Shipowners P&I Club in partnership with ISWAN has isued guidance which dispels some of the common misconceptions about sexually transmitted infections and provides seafarers’ with advice for safe sex.

UK P&I issues advisory on seafarers’ dental hygiene

Dental problems are often a major cause for concern amongst seafarers. Therefore, the UK P&I Club has issued report on the issue as these claims frequently occur and can lead to repatriation of crew, which has a further impact on the safe manning of the ship and other delays to ship operations.

How to maintain a mental wellbeing onboard

The Shipowners P&I Club notes that seafarers are more likely to suffer from mental health problems than the general population, especially depression and anxiety. Mental health continues to be a cause of Club claims. The causes of mental health problems among seafarers often relate to their social isolation.

Maintaining dental hygiene onboard

The Shipowners’ P&I Club provides advice to seafarers on how to maintain their dental hygiene on board as they can spend weeks at sea on a voyage with limited access to regular and advanced dental care whilst at sea.

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