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Fire breaks out on US navy ship in Bahrain

A fire broke out aboard the mine countermeasures ship ‘USS Devastator’, while the ship was pierside at Naval Support Activity Bahrain at approximately 8 p.m. local, March 14, according to data provided by the US navy. 

Inadequate safety analysis leads to fall into water

IMCA informs of an injury of a worker, who fell into the water from a ladder. Namely, the worker was replacing a control valve on the platform crane, when he realised that he would need to descend the ladder to retrieve tools for the job. Trying to do so, he lost his grip and fell 24m into the water. He suffered fractures of cervical and lumbar vertebrae.

Proper maintenance routine key to safe operations

A small fire took place on the well deck area of a diving support vessel, as IMCA informs. This happened during diving operations while the vessel was in DP3 mode. The fire was extinguished by the Bosun, using two foam extinguishers. The fire started due to sparks which fell from the starboard funnel into the well deck area and ignited a 1 tonne gabion sack containing cardboard.

Familiarity with equipment crucial to avoid accidents

IMCA informs of a near miss incident regarding a potential fire, including the overheating of oil in a frying pan. The fire was noticed as one of the engine room crew members came into the galley and noticed smoke coming from the oil which was in the pan. The galley crew were not aware of the function of the temperature sensor elements inside the deep-fryer, nor of the potential consequences if those sensor elements were in the wrong place.

Yacht man stranded in sea uses jeans as life jacket

A German yachtsman was knocked overboard in bad weather seas off New Zealand, when he decided to use his jeans to save his life, Reuters reports. The yachtsman managed to transform his pair of jeans into a life jacket that kept him afloat for more than three hours before being rescued by the coast guard.

Watch: Fishing vessel topples in Spanish repair yard

The video depicts the moment when a French fishing vessel toppled and fell while undergoing repairs in the Oza dock, in A Coruña shipyard, Galicia, Spain. The 34-metres-long ship went off the wooden wedges that supported it and fell on the dock in front of the workers who were present at the scene.

Watch: Towing vessel sinks on Mississippi River

The towing vessel ‘Michelle Anne’ sank at Baton Rouge General Anchorage, Mississippi River, while pushing an empty dry cargo barge, on Thursday morning. The video shows the vessel catching crossways on an anchored ship shortly after.

Solomon Trader oil spill worse than first thought

The salvage operation from the grounded bulk carrier ‘Solomon Trader’, which ran aground on 4 February at a Unesco World Heritage site in the Solomon Islands, completed over the weekend, but the oil spill is worse than first thought, its owner King Trader said. 

Watch: HM Coast Guard rescues six fishermen off Lands End

On March 12, during night hours the HM Coastguard rescued six crewmembers from a disabled fishing vessel off Lands End in challenging weather conditions. All six members were airlifted, whereas the Coastguard continues monitoring the drifting vessel.


The sulphur cap is less than a year away and with most vessels choosing compliant fuel, do you expect to see a spike in incidents and accidents related to the switch over?

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