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Injury during small boat operations

During a small boat operation, a boatman held the master link, trying to hook the link in the Daughter Craft hook. While doing this, his left index finger got caught between the master link and the lifting wire thimble, resulting in injury to the finger.

Fire-damaged ‘Maersk Honam’ will be towed to Jebel Ali

‘Maersk Honam’ will eventually be towed to Port of Jebel Ali, Dubai, where cargo will be off-loaded. The estimated time of arrival is in approximately two weeks, according to MSC. Based on the details to date, most containers located in front of the accommodation area are damaged by fire, heat or the water used to fight the fire.

Cargo ship collides with tanker at Kandla port

“Pac Seginus” was leaving the port of Kandla, in India, when it collided with the tanker “Nautical Global XVI” which was at anchorage at the time. “Nautical Global XVI” lost its portside anchor and started to drift, and it nearly hit another tanker the ” Tiger Integrity”.

Learn from the past: Exxon Valdez incident

March 24 marks the 29th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez accident. On this date in 1989, one of the most catastrophic – if not the most catastrophic – oil spills of the 20th century took place. The tanker Exxon Valdez was departing the Port of Valdez, Alaska with a full load of North Slope crude oil, of approximately 1.26 million barrels, destined for Long Beach when it grounded on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound. About 258,000 barrels of cargo were spilled as eight cargo tanks ruptured, causing one of the most shocking environmental disasters in the history of US.

Captain dies after falling onboard a bulk carrier

A 54-year old Ukrainian Captain lost his life onboard of a vessel ship of his command, on March 17, when he fell from 2-3 meters height onto his back, and sustaining head injury. Paramedics arrived in the accident scene, but did not manage to save the Captain, who was later declared dead.

Watch: Aerial view of capsized ‘Britannica Hav’

The French Maritime Prefecture of the North Sea issued a short video providing an aerial view of the cargo vessel ‘Britannica Hav’, which is currently capsized in the English Canal, north of Le Havre. The fishing vessel ‘Deborah’ collided with the general cargo ship ‘Britannica Hav’ in the afternoon of 20th March, northeast of Cherbourg.

Early avoiding action important for collision prevention

A bulk carrier was sailing at night in coastal waters when it spotted a fishing vessel, whose navigation and signal lights were indistinct. The bulk carrier changed his course and alerted the fishing vessel’s crew. However, the fishing vessel changed its course as well. As a result the two ships collided.

Workboat’s engine stops working because of fuel contamination

While a workboat was trying to conduct a transfer operation, its engine stopped working. Despite the fact that the crew made several attempts to restart it, they were all unsuccessful. An investigation showed that the fuel in the tank was contaminated because of water condensation causing a bacteria buildup.

Improper planning causes PSV to collide with platform

A platform supply vessel approached a platform to deliver the cargo via snatch lift. The crane did not have enough boom reach and as the PSV approached the platform, the vessel’s stern collided with the platform mooring bollard which was damaged. 

Alcohol and adverse weather cause fatal man overboard

UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the fatal fall of a fisherman, while boarding the fishing boat ‘Constant Friend’, at Kilkeel Harbour, in September 2017. The report says the risk was increased because it was dark, the surfaces were wet and the crewman’s consumption of alcohol had also probably adversely affected his perception of risk.


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Injury during small boat operations
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Fire-damaged ‘Maersk Honam’ will be towed to Jebel Ali
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