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Ship contacts wharf as harbour master, pilot are unaware of fender issues

ATSB published its report on the contact with a wharf by the livestock carrier Angus Express. The vessel contacted Berths 4 and 5, at Broome, Western Australia, on 20 April 2018. The report concluded that the harbour master and pilot were not aware of any height of tide limitations regarding berthing ships alongside Yokohama fenders at these berths.

Tank farm fire spill shuts down Houston ship channel

On March 25, the US Coast Guard reported that approximately five dozen ships will be in line to transit the Houston Ship Channel, as efforts to clean the waste from the International Terminals tank fire continue. TCEQ has been taking water samples from  the drainage ditch, and nine chemicals in its samples exceeded health-protective concentration levels.

Watch: Dramatic rescues from cruise ship adrift in Norwegian sea

The luxury cruise ship ‘Viking Sky’ arrived at the port of Molde on Norway’s west coast Sunday, after narrowly escaping disaster when its engines failed during a storm in the Norwegian sea. A total of 1,400 passengers and crew were onboard at that time.

Lessons learned: Winch wire snagged and released suddenly

IMCA informed of a near-miss incident during drilling operations on a land-based drilling rig, when the thimble within the hard eye of the winch wire momentarily caught (snagged) on the edge of the drill rig chassis. It then released in an uncontrolled manner very close to the driller.  

Grande America transported 1.050 tonnes of dangerous goods

The favourable weather conditions enable those conducting pollution cleaning operations off the coast of France, where the ill-fated Grande America sank a week ago. In the meantime, the Atlantic Maritime Prefecture published an inventory of the ship’s cargo according to which, Grande America was transporting 1.050 tonnes of dangerous goods.

UK MAIB: Guidance on marine incident reporting

The UK MAIB issued amended guidance on marine incident reporting. MAIB investigates marine casualties involving UK vessels worldwide and vessels of any flag in UK territorial waters, to help prevent further avoidable accidents from recurring. 

Two passengers injured during tender boat transfer

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) issued a safety alert concerning the safe transfer of passengers during tender boat operations. The publication came following a recent injury incident of two passengers during transfer on a tender boat. 

Sunken Grande America was carrying Porsche 911s

Grande America, the con/ro vessel that caught fire on March 10, was carrying approximately 2.200 tonnes of fuel oil. In the meantime, the vessel was transporting 2.000 cars, including a shipment of the most powerful Porsche 911s ever made. 

Vessel capsizes in Port of Bandar Abbas, Iran

Iranian media informed that an improper loading of cargo has caused a ship to capsize in the southern Port of Bandar Abbas, on March 19. After the incident, port workers rushed to retrieve any of the 153 containers that suddenly sank. The cargo ship was carrying the flag of Comoros, with reports mentioning that one Indian seaman sustained injuries in the foot.

USCG suspends search from capsized towing vessel in Mississippi

The US Coast Guard informed that it suspended its search for a person who went into the water after a 54-foot towing vessel capsized at mile marker 55 on the lower Mississippi River north of Point A La Hache, Louisiana, on March 18. US Coast Guard crews searched around 158 square-nautical miles for about 18 hours but were unable to find the missing person.


The sulphur cap is less than a year away and with most vessels choosing compliant fuel, do you expect to see a spike in incidents and accidents related to the switch over?

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