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Taiwan urged to end abuse of migrant fishers

The Taiwanese government fails to protect migrant fishers – coming mainly from Southeast Asian countries – against human rights abuses, because of the lack of appropriate laws, transparency and labour inspection measures, the NGO coalition ‘Human Rights for Migrant Fishers’ has noted. 

Safety tips for fishing vessels in Ningbo-Zhoushan

The Nigbo Maritime Safety Administration, China, issued guidance for fishing vessels to navigate safely in the coastal waters of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port. It is noted that there are about 5000 fishing boats along the coast of Ningbo every day, and heavy fog is frequent in the area. 

How Indonesia is tracking illegal fishing activity in real time

Partnering with Google, Indonesian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Susi Pudjiastuti, is catching illegal fishing activity in real time, after thousands of vessels’ locations were revealed online. Previously, most of the Indonesian fishing activity had been invisible.

437 million tons of fish wasted due to bottom trawling

Industrial fisheries, that rely on bottom trawling to catch fish, threw 437 million tonnes of fish and $560 billion overboard over the past 65 years, according to a new research by the Sea Around Us initiative at the University of British Columbia. The study also found that fisheries globally caught 5.6 billion tonnes of fish.

The role of private data platforms in addressing illegal fishing

New technologies offer unique opportunities to support fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance, particularly for countries without the means to patrol their waters or enforce legislation against illegal fishing and overfishing, according to a briefing note by ODI.

Mexico and Japan surpass bluefin fishing limit, says Pew

Mexico and Japan have already exceeded their bluefin fishing limit for the second year in a row, according to Pew Charitable Trusts. The western Atlantic bluefin is one of the fastest and most commercially valuable fish in the sea, but its population has sustained a severe decline after decades of overfishing and mismanagement. 

Fishing industry emissions increased 28% in 20 years

A new study, published on Nature Climate Change, attempts to quantify fuel inputs and GHG emissions for the global fishing fleet from 1990–2011. Emissions from the global fishing industry increased by 28% between 1990 and 2011, with little increase in production, as the average emissions per tonne grew by 21%.

US fishing companies to pay $400,000 over illegal oil discharge

Two US fishing companies and two individuals have agreed to pay a total of $414,000 in civil penalties and to perform fleet-wide improvements to resolve federal Clean Water Act claims stemming from oily bilge discharges from the fishing vessel ‘Challenge’, and a related fuel oil discharge in August 2017 in New Bedford.

Russia extends support for construction of fishing vessels

The Russian Government introduced an official order, dated 28 April 2018, which extends subsidies to Russian transport and shipping companies for partial covering of interest rates on loans obtained from Russian credit institutions for the purchase of fishing vessels.

Infographic: Lessons learned from fishing vessels accidents

The European Maritime Safety Agency issued an infographic, describing lessons learned  from accidents through the European Marine Casualty Information Platform. In this infographic EMSA presents accidents that took place on fishing vessels. As the infographic shows there were a total of 2404 incidents involving fishing vessels


’Unmanned and autonomous vessels are quickly becoming a reality. Do you think that seafarers will be able to trust an autonomous system?

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