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UK to ratify protocol to limit air pollution

The UK has taken an important step towards ratifying the 2012 amendments to the Gothenburg Protocol, an international agreement to reduce air pollution, as an Explanatory Memorandum signed by the Environment Secretary and the text of the amendment to the Gothenburg Protocol were presented to the parliament.

ABP Humber ports project turns marine litter into shampoo bottles

In a bid to reduce ocean plastics pollution, ABP facilities in Hull and Goole are trialing a recycling scheme which turns waste into shampoo bottles. Recycling company TerraCycle in collaboration with Proctor and Gamble will transform the compliant materials into shampoo bottles that will go on sale at a major UK retailer later this year. 

Are you eating plastic for dinner?

The novel 3-D animation video, produced by motion graphic artist Andreas Tanner and published by National Geographic, provides an insight on all aspects of plastic production, consumption, and breakdown, diving into how our consumption of plastics has affected marine species deaths and increased human health risks.

Canada starts investigation on Transocean Barents rig spill

A discharge of synthetic based mud was reported from the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Transocean Barents on April 27. Drilling operations were suspended by Suncor Energy, to investigate the cause of the discharge, and now the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board began an investigation into the incident.

Watch: Here is how much plastic is littering the sea

The short film, published by National Geographic, illustrates dozens of plastic bottles on the seafloor, giving a picture of the magnitude of marine pollution. It is estimated that humans have produced about 6 billion metric tons of plastic waste up to 2015, only 9% of which was recycled. 

Russian navy to clean up 300 tons of scrap metal from Arctic island

In view of the upcoming summer season, Russia’s Northern Fleet has deployed an ecological platoon to clean up the Arctic from scrap metal and crush oil drums, dumped during the last Cold War. For the fourth consecutive year, the team, comprising 30 men from the military units, will head to the island of Kotelny.

Watch: The Ocean Cleanup’s most advanced scale model test to date

Using the advanced technologies available at MARIN, the Ocean Cleanup has conducted new scale model tests of its system. Through continued testing, the Dutch foundation was able to adapt and redesign its system, as needed, in order to have the best possible chance of effectively working in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Greece, Cyprus, Israel sign pollution prevention plan

The latest sub-regional contingency plan to deal with any oil pollution incident in the Mediterranean Sea has been signed. Namely, Greece, Cyprus, and Israel signed an Implementation Agreement on the Sub-Regional Marine Oil Pollution Contingency Plan, in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 8 May.

New regulation against marine pollution at Puerto Cortes, Honduras

According to a circular issued by the The Honduras Directorate of Merchant Marine, ships calling at Puerto Cortes must present, with 24 hours in advance, an Insurance Certificate of Civil Liability against marine pollution events, and a Certificate of Coverage for Response to Incidents of marine pollution issued by a company authorized for this purpose by the maritime authority, to the local office of the General Directorate.

Japanese shipping firm fined $1 million over pollution crimes

The Japanese shipping company Nitta Kisen Kaisha Ltd., owning and operating the bulk carrier ‘Atlantic Oasis’, that delivered steel products to Wilmington, was convicted and sentenced by the US court for obstruction of justice and falsification of an Oil Record Book to cover-up intentional oil pollution from the ship.


’Unmanned and autonomous vessels are quickly becoming a reality. Do you think that seafarers will be able to trust an autonomous system?

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