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UN event focuses on reducing underwater noise

The nineteenth meeting of the UN Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea (ICP 19) takes place from 18 to 22 of June 2018 at the UN Headquarters in New York, under the theme “Anthropogenic underwater noise.” The aim of ICP 10 is to protect marine life from ship noise.

Renewables accounted for 49% of power generation growth in 2017

The power sector is the single biggest market for energy, absorbing over 40% of primary energy in 2017, and leading the energy transition, through renewables and electrification, according to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy. Renewables accounted for almost half of the growth in power generation (49%).

Underwater noise reduced when ships slow down, study reveals

When vessels slow down, underwater noise is reduced, and so does the impact on whales, according to a Vessel Slowdown Trial led by the Port of Vancouver’s ECHO Program. Whales use sound to locate prey and ship noise can interfere with their ability to do this.

Dunkerque-Port receives PERS certification

Dunkerque-Port has received the EcoPorts network’s PERS certification, granted by the ESPO. PERS certifications imply that a port is effectively monitoring the environmental challenges and is implementing an improved environmental management. The certification is valid for two years.

New report calls for more industry involvement in Ocean Governance

The World Ocean Council released the “Ocean Governance and the Private Sector.” This is an ocean review and foresight document based on business community involvement on Ocean Governance. The report identifies problems, solutions and opportunities for engaging the ocean business community in Ocean Governance . T

Invisible barrier on ocean surface can reduce CO2 uptake

An invisible layer of biological compounds on the sea surface reduces the rate at which CO2 gas moves between the atmosphere and the oceans, according to a research by Exeter, Heriot-Watt and Newcastle universities. Scientists suggest the findings have major implications for predicting future climate. 

UK to establish more than 40 new Marine Conservation Zones

UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove will present the plans to create more than 40 new Marine Conservation Zones across the UK. This move aims to protect almost 12,000 square kilometres of marine habitats and marks the most significant expansion of the UK’s ‘Blue Belt’ of protected areas until today.

Infographic shows developments on improving oceans condition

As today is the World Oceans Day, the UK Research and Innovation published an interactive infographic describing how engineering is increasing the knowledge of the oceans and reduces our impact on them. The UK Research and Innovation presents eight developments that will have a great impact in improving the situation in our oceans.

New research explores the affects of anchoring in the seafloor

The University of Wollongong will collaborate with NSW Ports to examining how deep-water anchors affect seabed ecosystems. This project aims to benefit marine life not only in the waters off Port Kembla but at ports around Australia and worldwide. Initial investigations discovered large areas of rocky reef.

Port of Piraeus awarded for quality and environmental management

Piraeus Port Authority was awarded double certification against ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 by Lloyd’s Register. These certifications congratulate the Port of Piraeus for its quality, environmental management and pollution prevention. The certifications were awarded on June 6 during Posidonia.


’Unmanned and autonomous vessels are quickly becoming a reality. Do you think that seafarers will be able to trust an autonomous system?

maritime events

Alerts Casualties Loss Prevention Maritime Health Regulation Safety Seafarers Security
us navy drops negligent homicide charges
US Navy drops negligent homicide charges for USS Fitzgerald accident
uscg at posidonia
Role of regulator: The USCG perspective
miss cory capsizing
Inadequate stability information led to ‘Miss Cory’ capsizing
Arctic Ballast Emissions Fuels Green Shipping Pollution Ship Recycling Technology
uscg at posidonia
Role of regulator: The USCG perspective
panama imports first lng
Panama imports its first LNG cargo
us natural gas plant liquids production
US achieved record natural gas plant liquids production in 2017
Connectivity Cyber Security E-navigation Energy Efficiency Maritime Software Smart
Finland amends law to promote automation in maritime
antwerp blockchain
Port of Antwerp works on blockchain pilot project
Shipping needs a proactive approach toward digital disruption
CIC Detentions Fines PSC Focus Vetting
uscg ends yacht voyage
USCG ends yacht voyage after multiple violations
performance lists 2017
Paris MoU issues performance lists 2017
uk fines captain for safety failures
UK imposes £25,000 fine to Captain of oil tanker for safety failures
CSR Shipping Sustainability Women in shipping
imo technical committee
IMO’s technical cooperation committee paves the way for UN SDGs
carnival signs with bellona
New agreement to promote sustainability in cruise industry
world maritime day parallel event
‘Better shipping for better future’ the theme of WMD parallel event 2018
Finance Fishery Infographic Maritime Knowledge Offshore Ports Reports Shipbuilding Short Sea Yachting
us announces more tarrifs
US announces more tariffs on Chinese goods
wind and solar
NEO 2018: Half electricity to be from wind and solar by 2050
ship stability
Emergency Procedures: The importance of understanding ship stability