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Watch: How green financing can lead to a low-carbon world

Catherine Howarth said that its is positive that the biggest fund managers support requirements on companies to address climate risk. However, high-carbon companies are not showing a high level of commitment towards adopting a low-carbon strategy. Moreover, if the financial markets focus more on environmental matters, this could lead to a transformation towards a low-carbon world.

Healthy oceans ‘unlikely’ by 2020 with current policies by EU states

In a report presented to the European Parliament and Council in late July, the European Commission found that the goal of biologically diverse, clean and healthy seas by 2020 is unlikely to be achieved through the measures put in place by Member States under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Port of Amsterdam to accommodate largest solar project in the city

Over 41,000 solar panels will provide sustainable energy in the Port of Amsterdam for logistics services provider CWT. The panels will be spread across five locations, and they will form the largest solar project in Amsterdam. Once these solar panels are operating, they will generate enough sustainable energy to supply green electricity to 3,100 households.

EMEC provides metocean data for innovation challenge

The European Marine Energy Centre announced it has provided a series of metocean data sets to be used in a new Scottish open innovation competition, in a bid to stimulate creative thinking and data science to design new data products for the benefit of the marine environment, communities and economy.

2017 was in the top 3 warmest years in record, report says

According to the 28th annual State of the Climate report, 2017 was the third warmest year on record for the globe, behind 2016 and 2015. The planet also experienced record-high greenhouse gas concentrations as well as rises in sea level, while Arctic maximum sea ice coverage fell to a record low. 

MOL announces Japan’s first green bonds

MOL issued Japan’s green bonds through a public offering in the country’s domestic market. It also announced the acquisition of a second opinion from a third-party institute. Green bonds are used to raise funds for businesses aimed at protecting and improving the environment.

EIA: India’s energy use will depend on its economic growth

India’s economic growth is possible to impact future international energy markets because of the country’s large population and potential for development. India is expected to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world over the next 30 years, but how that growth will take place remains unknown.

Port of Long Beach to use “green” cargo handling equipment

The Port of Long Beach informed that the third and final phase of the Middle Harbor Terminal Redevelopment Project is underway and is expected to be completed on time. Once finished the facility will use “green” cargo handling equipment. This equipment will be using electricity or alternative fuels to move containers.

Sea level was the highest since 1993, report says

The American Meteorological Society published its “State of the Climate in 2017”, reporting that the sea level last year was the highest annual average since 1993. The sea level has increased for the sixth consecutive year. As for the Arctic, sea ice extent continued to see low levels.

Watch: 13.2% of marine wilderness remains across world’s oceans

Earth’s marine wilderness has been eroded by humanity, with 13.2% now remaining across all of the oceans, a new report by Australian researchers has shown. Despite holding high genetic diversity, wilderness areas are ignored in global environmental agreements, highlighting the need for urgent policy attention.


Are the vessels’ crew members aware enough of the new requirements of STCW Convention?

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