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Whale populations are recovering according to IUCN

The Fin Whale is now listed as Vulnerable, previously listed as Endangered, in the IUCN Red List, according to recent update, as the global population of the species has roughly doubled since the 1970s. The nearly complete protection of Fin Whales throughout their range has allowed the global population to reach around 100,000 mature individuals.

Watch: New record dive by Russian Divers

Russian military divers dived in the Sea of Japan for the first time in the history of the Russian Navy and reached the depth of 416 meters. With the help of a diving complex they went into the depth, where they examined the underwater water area. They also conducted a training session on connecting the air supply hoses.

IMO trains auditors to ensure proper auditing of Member States

In order to ensure its regulatory framework is adopted and implemented, IMO focuses on auditing Member States to assess how effectively they administer key IMO treaties. For this reason, it carried out a training course for auditors in Busan, Republic of Korea, from 29 October until 2 November.

AECO helps Greenlandic town establish guidelines for tourists

Sisimiut has become the first Greenlandic town to launch its own Community Specific Guidelines. The guidelines inform tourists on how to be thoughtful visitors. The guidelines were created by the local business association Destination Arctic Circle with support from AECO and funding from NORA.

Iceland now included in AECO’s geographical range

The Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators has included Iceland in its geographical range. Guidelines and other measures will also be applied to ensure sustainable expedition cruise operations in Iceland. At least 25% of AECO’s operating members have itineraries that already include or will include Iceland in the future.

Caribbean maintains the preferred choice for cruises

Travel Leaders Group conducted a survey among 1,000 North American travel advisors, revealing that Scotland and the Netherlands moved up among the top five upcoming European destinations. As for the international cruise category, the Caribbean remained at the top spot.

Archaeology project finds world’s oldest intact wreck

The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project claims that is has discovered the world’s oldest intact wreck, a Greek sailing vessel which dates back to 400 BC. The wooden hull is well-preserved as it is located a mile beneath the surface of the Black Sea, where low level of oxygen in the water limits decay. 

Titanic 2 ready to sail in 2022

A replica of the Titanic will set sail in 2022, following the route of the original ship as planned in 1912. Namely, the ship will travel from Southampton to New York, carrying 2,400 passengers and 900 crew, while it aims to have the same lay out and interiors of the first ship.


Is the shipping industry able to move away from the traditional operational model?

maritime events

Alerts Casualties Loss Prevention Maritime Health Regulation Safety Seafarers Security
puerto rico
US to grant Puerto Rico $28.9 million to prevent risk from natural disasters
maritime casualties
EMSA: Overview of maritime casualties in 2017
collision in north sea
Two ships collide off Borkum, Germany
Arctic Ballast Emissions Fuels Green Shipping Pollution Ship Recycling Technology
bering sea
Northern Bering sea and Bering Strait threatened by increasing ship waste
sea level
Sea level rise threatens Mediterranean UNESCO heritage sites
climate change
How climate change threats Antarctic and the world
Connectivity Cyber Security E-navigation Energy Efficiency Maritime Software Smart
targetless laser sensor for offshore wind farms
First targetless laser sensor for offshore wind farms developed
cma cgm
Top container shipping companies consider new association to drive digitalization
New project considers 5G technology for electricity grid and harbor automation
CIC Detentions Fines PSC Focus Vetting
ferry operation in south carolina
USCG ceased ferry operation in South Carolina
paris mou
Paris MoU appoints new Secretary-General
ferry grounding
Skipper fined over ferry grounding in Wellington
CSR Shipping Sustainability Women in shipping
Whale populations are recovering according to IUCN
Seychelles issues world’s first sovereign blue bond
nor shipping
Nor Shipping lays eyes on sustainability ISO certification
Finance Fishery Infographic Maritime Knowledge Offshore Ports Reports Shipbuilding Short Sea Yachting
Seychelles issues world’s first sovereign blue bond
Port of Savannah marks container moving record in October
ship repair contracts
BIMCO updates ship repair contracts
Career Paths: Capt. Fared Khan, Wallem Ship Management
Career Paths: Diane Gilpin, Smart Green Shipping Alliance
How small investment can power smarter options
environmental sustainability
Entering an era of change and opportunity