USS John S. McCain and  Liberian-registered Alnic MC collided on August, 2017 in the Singapore Strait, and ten US Navy sailors lost their lives.

As TSIB said in its report the US warship made a sudden turn to the left, coming in the path of Alnic MC. When that happened the crew of Alnic assumed that USS John S McCain would pass safely ahead. However, within three minuted the collision happened, despite the actions that Alnic MC took to avoid it.


The reason why the accident happened is due to multiple errors that happened after propulsion controls were transferred, according to the report, as the warship unintentionally increased the rate of the vessel’s turn.

Recently, the head of Naval Reactors Adm. James F. Caldwell dismissed the NJP charges against one officer and one enlisted crew member. The second enlisted member was found guilty of violating Article 92 (dereliction in the performance of duties) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and was awarded a punitive letter of reprimand, forfeiture of a half month‘s pay for two months and reduction in rate to the next inferior paygrade. The forfeiture of pay and reduction in rate were suspended for a period of six months. Moreover, former McCain CO Cmdr. Alfredo J. Sanchez would appear before a military judge at the Washington Navy Yard.