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10 Leadership tips to improve team performance

Leadership is difficult to teach but it is the centerfold aspect in team dynamics while leaders need to develop themselves in order to successfully inspire and motivate team members towards improving overall team performance in all levels.

Maritime Knowledge

Why Dynamic Position matters

Dynamic Positioning allows vessels to operate within feet of desired positions for prolonged periods of time. Despite it being a complex system, DP has been a significant benefit to vessels conducting high consequence operations on the outer continental shelf.


Global oil demand likely grows up to 2040

As part of the recently published BP Energy Outlook for 2018, BP's chief economist, Spencer Dale, explores where oil demand is headed until 2040. Mr. Dale highlights that demand for liquid fuels grows over much of the Outlook, although in the ET scenario, the rate of growth gradually slows and plateaus in the years after 2040.



2018 SMART4SEA Awards Ceremony - Highlights
The winners across the eight smart shipping categories who walked with a SMART4SEA Award were announced at a prestigious ceremony which took place on Tuesday 30rd,2018 at the Yacht Club of Greece.

2018 SMART4SEA Conference - Highlights
Inspiring presentations and panel discussions highlighted the importance of embracing change and focusing on smart shipping developments towards a more sustainable future.

Lessons Learned


Does it hunt mines if it floats?

A new concept approaching related to mine warfare implementation and tactics are discussed among the naval experts nowadays. This new opinion presents us a new concept so as to put mine-hunting gear on a wider range of warships and distribute mine counter-measures (MCM) capable different vessels throughout the fleet.


24 injured after ferry explosion at Playa del Carmen

24 passengers were injured when an explosion took place onboard a ferry in the maritime terminal of Playa del Carmen in Mexico, while the were disembarking, according to local authorities.


Lessons Learned: Hydraulic oil spill during cargo discharging

In UK Club's latest 'Lessons Learned' article, Capt. David Nichol describes a case of a hydraulic oil spill during cargo unloading operations in a heavy weather, highlighting the importance of crews' quick and effective response to avoid major pollution incidents.

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New project to promote bleaching earth in Rotterdam

Bleaching earth is a natural product taken used for edible oils. A multi-million Euro investment is expected to provide significant annual savings in the Rotterdam port area.


Scotland eyes hydrogen powered ferry service

The Scottish government has awarded funding for a feasibility study on a hydrogen-powered ferry, manufactured by community-owned wind turbines, to operate in Scotland's west coast.


The global LNG supply through 2035

LNG sellers and buyers see value in diversifying their portfolios, and so significant quantities of US LNG are likely to be exported to Asia, BP predicts.




ESL Shipping issues sustainability report for 2017

Dry bulk cargo operator ESL Shipping published its first Sustainability Report, reporting its environmental, social and economic performance through 2017.

Maritime Knowledge

Maritime: 12 jobs that we could not have imagined at Y2K

We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that is utterly changing the way we live, work and behave. Just imagine what was the job market like at Y2K and how it will evolve till 2050!


Port of Antwerp wants to ensure its place in UK ahead of Brexit

The Port of Antwerp has decided to appoint a full-time representative in the UK, in order to keep in closer touch with the UK economic situation, as the Brexit is soon to happen.